Our Story

CITE by Macutex is a unique product comprising a 360° immersive experience within a 3D digital model of your space. It opens up access to buildings and facilities across a range of industries from real estate and retail to tourism, hospitality and cultural spaces.

Imagine what is possible if your facility and the way you do business not only existed in the physical world, but also existed in the virtual world

At Macutex, our vision is better buildings for a better tomorrow. The question is – what makes a building better? Is it a building that is safe, healthy, sustainable, smart, functional, protective, efficient and inspiring?

We believe it is all of these, and more. Above all, a building should be accessible to those it is there to serve.

Businesses that rely on their buildings being accessible to their customers are not performing at their best if no one is able to show up. It also means the experiences of our communities are not the best they can be if they’re prevented from being where they want to be.

Just because we can’t physically attend a building, it shouldn’t mean we can’t experience it. This is why the team at Macutex created CITE – your virtual building, business innovation and a customer experience like never before.